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IN-TA-CT® in Power Stations with Closed Circuit Cooling


Where there is insufficient natural water source available, recirculative cooling is recommended. With the recirculative cooling, cooling water is extracted from the basin of a cooling tower and delivered through the cooling circuit by a pump. The water heated up in the condenser is then cooled in the cooling tower. The water losses, caused by evaporation and desalting, are compensated by treated make-up water. 

In contrast to once-through cooling, fouling is more defined in terms of type and quantity but by no means easier to handle. Macro fouling is caused typically by the ingress of foreign matter into the cooling tower basin, and by construction parts of the cooling system itself. A further problem results from evaporation losses of enriched salts dissolved in the water (thickening) where by hard precipitation (scaling) in the cooling tubes is favoured. For this type of cooling as well, the modular components of IN-TA-CT® offer a comprehensive scheme for effective operation with highest availability:

  • Lean coarse screen systems in the cooling tower outlet serving as pump protection.
  • TAPROGGE Debris Filters installed immediately upstream of the condenser or auxiliary cooler to be protected provide optimal protection from macro fouling and highest availability of the cooling system. To avoid cooling water losses, the filter discharge water is re-treated and then re-fed to the circuit.
  • TAPROGGE Systems for continuous tube cleaning are aimed at maintaining thermal efficiency, particularly by preventing scaling problems.

IN-TA-CT® is ideally complemented by IN-TA-S®, TAPROGGE's integrated service system.