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IN-TA-CT® in Refrigeration Plants


The major application of refrigeration technology is for air conditioning systems. In particular in countries with high average temperatures and high humidity they constitute an essential requirement for the creation of a comfortable living space which is why they are indispensable for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, and airports. But refrigeration is also required for technical purposes, for instance in cold storage houses and in the electrotechnical and textile industries.

The process-technological input that is required by air conditioning units includes electrical power for the compressor and refrigeration for the condensation of the cooling medium. Cooling is generally effected by means of cooling water, depending on the relevant location either in the form of closed cooling circuit (cooling tower operation), or as once-through cooling.

According to the place and environment of the cooling tower, a limited amount of foreign matter can enter into the circuit in the case of closed circuit cooling which can be removed by simple separation devices. A special problem, however, with heat exchangers used for refrigeration is micro fouling which can occur in all forms (as sedimentation, bio fouling, corrosion, but also as scaling). As a consequence the heat transfer is severely impaired which in turn has a negative effect on the energy consumption of the compressors. That's where IN-TA-CT® sets in - because by IN-TA-CT® excessive energy consumption can be avoided.

By the IN-TA-CT®-module CCS that has specially been developed for refrigeration plants and the cleaning of cooling tubes in air conditioning units, micro fouling is p e rmanently avoided. Core of the process is the application-technological know-how of the mode of operation to be applied in the individual case to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. For this purpose the operator is supported by IN-TA-S®, TAPROGGE's integrated service system, in the best possible way.

When considering that in commercially used buildings the air conditioning system is the biggest energy consumer with about two thirds of the total electricity consumption, it becomes apparent what contribution for energy saving can be provided by the IN-TA-CT®-module CCS.