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For nearly 50 years, the name of TAPROGGE has represented innovation and competence in the special field of the optimisation of water circuits, particularly cooling water circuits in power stations, sea water desalination, refrigeration technology and industry.

In this special field, TAPROGGE with its innovations has been setting the world technological standard since 1953, above all by its highly effective technologies for filtration and water extraction, as well as by the TAPROGGE System, today the world-wide synonym for on-load cleaning of heat exchangers and condensers.

With more than 12,000 TAPROGGE applications in more than 100 countries the world over, TAPROGGE is the international market leader in this special field.

IN-TA-CT® und IN-TA-S®

In the meantime we have successfully proven that the intelligent integration of individual solutions has a highly positive effect on the development of further synergies. For this purpose we have developed IN-TA-CT® (Integrated TAPROGGE Concept) and IN-TA-S® (Integrated TAPROGGE Services). IN-TA-CT® addresses the needs of architect engineers and contractors, whereas IN-TA-S® looks after the operators' needs.

IN-TA-CT® (Integrated TAPROGGE Concept)

IN-TA-CT® provides financial benefits to architect engineers, contractors and purchasers:

  • Planning realized by TAPROGGE clearly demonstrates that the highly effective IN-TA-CT® modules contribute to more intelligent layouts of the mechanical cleaning chain in cooling water systems which reduces capital expenditure.
  • By its modular structure, IN-TA-CT® enables a flexible adaptation to budget, safety philosophy and function.
  • IN-TA-CT® is made by TAPROGGE - which means that is comes from a single source. Reduced administration, low handling cost and reduced processing time are the consequence.
  • IN-TA-CT® provides new process safety by guarantees within the scope of the integral system. Traditional interface problems are avoided.
  • As an IN-TA-CT® user you have an automatic back-up by the quality features and unlimited world-wide acceptance of TAPROGGE, the market leader. Additionally, the end user has unrestricted access to IN-TA-S®.

IN-TA-S® (Integrated TAPROGGE Services)

IN-TA-S® procures financial and long-term additional benefits to the end users:

  • As a user of TAPROGGE technology you have a guaranteed access to IN-TA-S®. TAPROGGE's support is smoothly transferred from IN-TA-CT® to IN-TA-S®.
  • IN-TA-S® covers the end users' requirements in terms of the operation and maintenance of our systems in an all-embracing way during the whole life time - starting from the maintenance to the operation of our systems. By the modular structure of the individual IN-TA-S® services you are free to choose the scope of our care.
  • By IN-TA-S® you get qualification and competence on site because TAPROGGE provides responsible care by our experts. By IN-TA-S® we strive for long-term and trustful partnership with our clients.
  • IN-TA-S® centres in 10 regions of the world, dual sources from our two production centres, and our central IN-TA-S® remote centre provide a tight service network resulting in high availability.
  • As an operator you wish to achieve improved availability and economy of your cooling circuit. IN-TA-CT® provides the tool for it, and IN-TA-S® the optimised benefit. For the optimal adjustment of our systems, IN-TA-S® can rely on a data bank that is unparalleled the world over and contains application information of approx. 5,000 installations. Our plus of competence is your plus of performance gain.
  • As an operator you also profit by the superior service technology of our company. IN-TA-S® offers you unique monitoring and early warning systems that detect optimisation reserves and thereby create substantial added value, above all in remote operation.
  • As an IN-TA-S® user you can automatically rely on IN-TA-CT® and all further quality features the name of TAPROGGE stands for. Of particular benefit in this respect is the modular compatibility realized by IN-TA-CT®. Starting from IN-TA-CT®, you as an IN-TA-S® user conserve your investment by cutting your cost at the same time.

By IN-TA-CT® and IN-TA-S® TAPROGGE opens up to its partners a new dimension of well-aimed and consequent market care with transparent and increased added value.