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Providing pure efficiency.


Inventive Spirit and Technical Competence

During 50 years of company history TAPROGGE generated several hundreds of international patents and is therefore undoubtedly the leading innovating power in the special operational field of the enterprise. Some of the technical milestones that have had a decisive influence on today's design of major technical water circuits are:

1949 Invention and first installation of the tube cleaning system patented by J. Taprogge ("TAPROGGE System")
1968 Technical realisation of the first generation of large cooling water debris filters basing on turbulence technology
1983 Development of the first filter generation basing on pressure-relieved backwash technology ("PR-BW technology")
1987 Further development of the pressure-relieved backwash technology to the high-performance filter
1993 Technical realisation of the first condenser monitoring system ("CMS")
2003 Development and realisation of comprehensive solutions for the pre-treatment of reverse osmosis plants