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The FilterOptimizer FO


Being an optional add-on device, the FilterOptimizer ideally complements every TAPROGGE Debris Filter. Due to its intelligent software, the patented device is
selflearning and automatically optimizes the point of time for filter backwash. The capacity losses through late or premature filter backwash – that are avoided by the FilterOptimizer – are considerable. That is why the payback time of a FilterOptimizer is generally less than one year.

Task and Functional Principle

TAPROGGE Debris Filters remove foreign matter in the cooling water system. The particles are separated from the filter surfaces by backwash. The backwash process is initiated once a pre-set, fixed differential pressure value has been reached. However, it is known that a fixed differential pressure is seldom optimal in economic aspects.

Arrangement of the TAPROGGE-modules within the entire system

Any operational condition of a filter, be it filter operation or backwash, causes specific performance losses. Yet those performance losses are clearly lower than those that would be caused by macro fouling if no filter was installed. During backwash a constant amount of cooling water gets lost to the condenser which reduces the cooling capacity and consequently causes the thermal performance to drop. In addition to that, the cooling water quantity is further reduced as a result of fouling that causes the differential pressure of the filter to constantly increase whereby the thermal performance is constantly reduced as well, and, moreover, an increased power requirement of the cooling water pump is created.

Pressure and power loss in comparison

To minimize the mentioned performance losses, a low backwash point must be set for low debris ingress and a high one for high fouling occurrence. It is obviously optimal to make the backwash point conditional on the actual debris concentration. However, this is by no means constant in terms of the period of time. Normally, the debris situation varies continuously throughout the day with the tides, but also seasonally by individual events (storms, blooming times of water flora and fauna, etc.).

The time-related average sum of performance loss through backwash plus performance loss through increase of differential pressure is minimized in dependence on the actual debris ingress whereby the cooling water quantity is maximized and the thermal performance optimized.

It is therefore the task of the FilterOptimizer to control the backwash behaviour of the TAPROGGE Filter through permanent, intelligent adjustment of the backwash point according to the actual debris concentration. This results in minimizing the performance losses through premature or late backwashing.

Design and Operational Characteristics

The FilterOptimizer consists of an evaluator that is connected with the differential pressure measuring system of the TAPROGGE filter - preferably as "DP transmitter". The measured data is processed in the evaluator that is pre-fitted for incorporation into the TAPROGGE control panel.

All configuration and evaluation data can be accessed locally or by remote inquiry and processed by means of TAPROGGE Softcare©. At the first start-up of the FilterOptimizer it is necessary to calibrate the evaluator. For this purpose the data necessary for the optimization is entered, such as: filter backwash time, required backwash flow, pressure loss of condenser and filter, cooling water pump curve, capacity of the condenser to be protected.

Special Features and Benefits

  • Reduction of operational cost by the intelligent optimization of the backwash point
    of TAPROGGE filters
  • Use as limit value indicator (in combination with DP transmitter) for monitoring fixed signal and alarm points ("filter backwash", "filter overcharged"; functional check of DP measuring system)
  • Monitoring of the rate of increase of the differential pressure over a period of time
  • Monitoring of the cooling water flow rate, either by using the measuring data provided by the operator, or by independent calculation of the change of cooling water flow, based on the measured DP value of the clean filter
  • TAPROGGE Softcare® package for data evaluation
  • Menu-guided calibration and system configuration
  • Storage of up to 1,000 measuring and configuration data (can be inquired)
  • Data access locally via terminal program or remotely by modem
    and telephone line
  • Can be used with any TAPROGGE filter
  • Retrofit possible