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System Upgrades and Life Extension Measures

An Investment into the Future: Modernization with IN-TA-S®.

The markets of the future call for flexible capacities. Very often, however, production capacities cannot be extended simply by new constructions. In such cases a capacity extension by the prolongation of the system life has been accepted as a proven alternative. Above all in Europe this market demands special retrofit solutions that are governed by the existing system arrangements.

A similar task results from the technical progress and the life expectancy of today’s systems that amounts to 30 to 50 years. In this regard the life prolongation is often economically interesting as well. The solutions developed by TAPROGGE offer valuable cost advantages to the operator without the necessity of a completely new investment.

Automatization of Systems

Unlike the earlier years the operators of today generally demand automatic systems. The advantages offered by the automatization of formerly manually operated TAPROGGE Systems are apparent:

  • Reliable operational safety
  • Easy system control (also from the control room)
  • Reduced expense in terms of personnel
  • Possibility of integration into the entire system visualisation and control

It is also for those reasons that TAPROGGE has provided numerous systems with retrofit automatization in recent years.

Modification of Controls

Modern controls based on PLC technology have become the international standard. TAPROGGE therefore offers its customers the modification of older controls from relay into programmable PLC technology. Beneficial features:

  • Space-saving and compact control
  • Lower susceptibility to failures and easier elimination of errors by a reduction of the electrical contacts
  • Essentially simplified change of programming
  • Higher reliability by timers adjustable by way of programme technology, etc.
  • Possible integration of system control into a central plant control room by data transfer
  • Clear visualisation of system conditions, and programme changes via operator display
  • Changes of preset procedures possible by authorized personnel without large-scale reprogramming

Strainer Modification Type HE/MF

Since the invention of TAPROGGE tube cleaning systems in the early 50s TAPROGGE has installed thousands of strainer sections of the original HE type in nominal diameters from DN 100 to DN 4,200 in more than 80 countries of the world.

The strainer section has been subject to continuous development. Task was to reduce its complexity in terms of apparatus engineering, at the same time rendering it less sensitive to macro fouling in the cooling water. This resulted in the establishment of the today’s state of the art of strainer sections the world over: the type D2.

To place operators in a position to change from the original type to the more beneficial, new technical D2 level TAPROGGE developed the HE/MF modification by which many of the movable internal parts of the HE screens were eliminated and replaced by a simple, fixed, and hydrodynamically optimized device for the separation of cleaning balls. This modification does not require any increase of pump head or flow rate.

By the special solution HE/MF the operator obtains the benefits of the modern D2 technology yet at essentially lower investment budget. Further advantages:

  • Substantially reduced susceptibility to failures of the screens in the case of macro fouling
  • Increased operational benefits by optimized ball circulation and further elimination of causes for ball losses
  • Lower maintenance expenditure
  • Essential reduction of spare parts by renunciation on numerous components formerly movable and located in the cooling water

Strainer Modification Type TB/MF

In the year 1967 TAPROGGE developed, for the first time, a solution for the automatic filtration of coarse debris (macro fouling) in cooling water circuits of power stations: the turbulence filter type TB. This filter was welcomed by the market and became a great success. More than 700 filters of the basic TB type were installed by TAPROGGE the world over.

A further milestone of technical performance gain in the field of TAPROGGE cooling water filtration was set by our company with the development of the PR-BW technology (Pressure-Relieved BackWash). Today this technology is regarded as world standard.

To place the users of TAPROGGE TB filters in a position to change to this higher performance level, taking the existing installation conditions into account, TAPROGGE has developed the TB/MF filter modification. Today it can be realized as a standardized procedure in 6 simple steps. The essential benefits of this modification are:

  • Reduced investment budget through installation of the TB/MF modification kit into an already existing TB filter housing
  • Enhanced performance (debris discharge capacity per time by factors up to 30 higher)
  • Increased safety margin of the filter for a worst case scenario, sudden ingress of debris in certain seasons, storms, flooding, etc.
  • Optimization of the entire cleaning process from the prescreening to the heat exchanger to be protected within the scope of IN-TA-CT®