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Remote Monitoring

Nothing is nearer at Hand. Remote Monitoring with IN-TA-S®.

The new IN-TA-S® Remote Monitoring System has established itself within a short time as intelligent service technology on a large scale. It discovers hidden efficiency reserves and, moreover, represents the absolutely fastest and most effective means of error elimination in the case of breakdown, resulting in better performance and higher availability. With this new IN-TA-S® module the operator achieves the effective improvement of his own competitive situation, essential for survival in the highly competitive energy and water markets of today.

Contracting model

From its international Remote Monitoring Centre TAPROGGE monitors systems of operators in more than 15 countries of the world. The respective forms of contract are closely governed by the operators’ tasks.

Choose your contracting model:

Contracting model Call-by-Call Flat-Rate
Basic conception TAPROGGE makes IN-TA-S® remote monitoring available against flat rate; however, customer wants remote monitoring only if necessary and against call by call invoicing. Customer makes use of IN-TA-S® continuously and during fixed periods against flat rate for the services A-D (see below).
  A separate telephone extension with direct dialling connection must be established for this purpose. A separate telephone extension with direct dialling connection must be established for this purpose.
Minimum Term 1 month 1 year
Prolongation Period monthly yearly
Scope of Service Call-by-Call Flat-Rate
A. Data Inquiry Call by call as per customer`s request Daily, over several days, or according to fixed agreement
B. Current Documentation no yes
C. Data Analysis Call by call as per customer`s request Daily, over several days, or according to fixed agreement
D. Current Report no optional
E. Event-orientated Actions Call by call as per customer`s request Call by call as per customer`s request
Invoicing of Services Call-by-Call Flat-Rate
  Provision free for the call-by-call monitoring. Services A-E at cost Flat rate for the services A-D. Service E at cost

Remote Monitoring of TAPROGGE Debris Filters and Tube Cleaning Systems

For the monitoring of TAPROGGE Systems an extra module is integrated into the control of the TAPROGGE Debris Filters and Tube Cleaning Systems. By modem the respective system is connected to the TAPROGGE Remote Monitoring Centre. A telephone connection is all that the operator has to provide. A remote monitoring system is also available as a retrofit kit. Essential benefits of this IN-TA-S® module:

  • Highest extent of TAPROGGE competence on site without cost for the physical presence. This applies to the commissioning stage (contractor benefit), as well as to the continuous operation (operator benefit).
  • Unparalleled speed of support in problematic cases
  • Maximum availability through permanent control of the systems
  • More qualified and thus better aimed and faster tracing of failure causes by documented system history
  • Preventive maintenance by recording of operating times and switching cycles
  • This remote monitoring system can be operated under the contractual options “call by call” or “flat rate”. Whereas the flat rate option recommends itself to the operator for continuous operation, the flexibility of the call by call option is recommendable for the contractor for the commissioning phase and warranty period.
Remoting Monitoring Diagram

Optimization with FilterOptimizer

The FilterOptimizer is an add-on unit for a well-aimed amelioration of the economy of TAPROGGE Debris Filters. In contrast to traditional filter operation with pre-selected, fixed backwash point, this patent-protected system allows the automatic setting of the backwash point. The marginal cost resulting from the pressure loss of the filter are optimized in relation to the thermal losses caused by filter backwash processes. The economies achievable allow a return of investment of the system within about 1 to 2 years. The FilterOptimizer data can be inquired on a remote basis which is why it is operated preferably in the flat rate version. FilterOptimizers are successfully functioning in power stations in 15 countries the world over.

FilterOptimizer Backwash Analysis
FilterOptimizer Energy Savings Reporting

Optimization by Condenser Monitoring System (CMS)

The CMS Condenser Monitoring System is a tool for the monitoring and assessment of the condenser condition and the cleaning operation that has been specially developed by TAPROGGE.
  It excels by its unique accuracy of individual tube measurement and its unparalleled speed in obtaining results. By the instrument of the cleaning ball a drop of the heat transfer in the condenser can be counteracted in time. And, what is more, by means of Remote Monitoring the condenser can be permanently put in a “glassy” condition. This is a process that furnishes unrivalled evidence - which is proven by numerous CMS installations, particularly in major and nuclear power stations.

Ball Effectiveness and TAPROGGE Tube Cleaning System Frequency Monitoring