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Operation and Maintenance

Your System was built by Professionals. Do you have it serviced by Professionals as well?

Operators rely on TAPROGGE for the professional maintenance of their systems: more than 50 TAPROGGE service experts on 10 sites the world over, together with the international Remote Monitoring Centre, guarantee a maximum of availability. In addition to that, more than 12,000 installations of IN-TA-CT® modules in more than 100 countries stand for the knowledge and experience of the service team. A further proof of TAPROGGE's high quality claims is the certification of all IN-TA-S® services as per DIN EN ISO 9001 and SCC (Management system for safety, health and environmental protection).

Extra Benefits through IN-TA-S® - O & M Services

  • Professional management of spare parts and TAPROGGE cleaning balls: IN-TA-CT® modules are individual makes whose spare parts procurement sometimes necessitates a long lead time not only in the production process but also in the client's procurement procedure. Special TAPROGGE Programmes enable transparent evaluation of needs, stockpiling at favourable cost, as well as timely availability of the parts on site.
  • IN-TA-S® O & M Services are available ad hoc or in the form of fixed contracts, for instance as maintenance or one-year contracts.
  • New ways of outsourcing of maintenance and operation by means of contracting models with several years' terms. This is linked with an extremely high customer benefit: today more than 15,000 MW of installed power station capacity are in this way operated by TAPROGGE experts
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Cleaning Ball Management
  • Error Tracing and Repair
  • Maintenance and Inspection Management
  • O & M Contracts and Contracting Models