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As individual as your System Profile.

With the IN-TA-S® installation services every IN-TA-CT® project becomes a closed turn-key solution provided from the same source. Without interfaces - and inclusive of the TAPROGGE System Guarantee. TAPROGGE takes care of the project from the initial planning stage to operational take-over. Contractors and operators can rely on the TAPROGGE experts' indispensable knowledge and operational experience

Extra Benefits through IN-TA-S® Installation Services:

  • Reliability through interface-free project handling
  • Competent performance directly by the market leader's experts referring to experience of more than 12,000 systems installed
  • Maximum extent of technical support and quickest assistance possible due the TAPROGGE Remote Monitoring. Of course, this applies not only to the start-up phase but also to the current operation of the systems.
  • Skilled system hand-over and instructions to operating staff by the TAPROGGE experts