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A fresh impetus for pure efficiency

Two who belong together:

IN-TA-S® stands for "Integrated TAPROGGE Services" and is a completely new concept reflecting an all-embracing way of thinking in product aftersales.
Like IN-TA-CT® which is aimed at the support requirements of architect engineers and contractors, IN-TA-S® is tailor-made to the needs of the operators. IN-TA-CT® and IN-TA-S® are very well harmonized, both provided from the same source.

IN-TA-CT ® and IN-TA-S®.

With IN-TA-S®, TAPROGGE sets new standards by meeting the latest demands that have been created through the structural changes of competitors' markets in the international power station and water business. As a result IN-TA-S® has been extended by important service modules which have direct impact on the operational results, above all in offering superior possibilities of the optimization of plant operation by our Remote Monitoring schemes and new options of outsourcing within the scope of contracting models.

IN-TA-S® assists operators in a comprehensive and reliable way during the whole lifetime of their systems, covering not only installation, operation and maintenance but also permanent optimization and monitoring, including large-scale upgrades for lifetime extension of the IN-TA-CT® modules.

IN-TA-S® is of outstanding importance for the operators by providing additional, long-term benefits that translate into permanent financial economies:

  • TAPROGGE technology is process technology. With the purchase of the system you first receive the tool enabling you to operate your plant more efficiently. However, the extent of the efficiency increase and thus of the commercial benefit depends on the operational mode that is optimal for the relevant application. As a user of TAPROGGE technology you are entitled to make use of IN-TA-S® and receive on-site competence and expertise.
  • Competence requires knowledge and experience. In this respect IN-TA-S® is unparalleled because for the optimal adjustment of the systems and the improvement of your performance IN-TA-S® can rely on a data bank that is unprecedented the world over and contains information on more than 5,000 TAPROGGE applications. Our plus of competence is your plus of performance gain.
  • By the modular structure of the individual IN-TA-S® services you can choose the scope of our work to match your specific circumstances.
  • TAPROGGE offers you local availability. Simply rely on IN-TA-S® centres in 10 regions of the world, dual sources from our two production centres, as well as our IN-TA-S® remote centre.
  • As an IN-TA-S® user you can automatically rely on IN-TA-CT® and all further quality features the name of TAPROGGE stands for. Of particular benefit in this respect is the modular compatibility created by IN-TA-CT®: because you as an IN-TA-S® user start from the foundation of IN-TA-CT® you conserve your investment by cutting your cost at the same time.

IN-TA-S® Overview

Installation Installation
  Commissioning and Remote Support
  System Take-Over and Instructions to Operator
Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Spare Parts Management
  Error Tracing and Repair
  Maintenance and Inspection Management
  O & M Contracts and Contracting Models
Remote Monitoring Filter Monitoring
  Tube Cleaning System Monitoring
  CMS Condenser Monitoring
System Upgrade and Life Prolonging Measures Automatization of Systems
  Modification of Controls
  Modification of Filters (TB/MF)
  Modification of Strainers (HE/MF)

Special Services

Engineering Studies Feasibility studies for new systems and retrofits
  Economical appraisals
Training Training on site
  TAPROGGE seminars
Diagnostics on Site Inspections of condensers, heat exchangers, and evaporator units
  Ball distribution tests
  Flow rate measurements
  Tests for the optimization of cooling water side operation modes of heat exchangers and evaporators, and for the selection of appropriate tube materials
Diagnostics in the TAPROGGE Technological Centre Tube examinations
  Debris tests for mastering all types of fouling
  Flow tests in the heat exchanger environment
Consultancy in Application Engineering Setting of the operational modes of TAPROGGE Systems
  Optimization of the operational modes of TAPROGGE technologies
  Special solutions to problems of fouling, scaling, and corrosion in cooling water circuits
Applications Monitoring of tube conditions
  Abrasive ball cleaning
  Dosing of ferrous sulfate and other corrosion inhibitors
  Eddy current testing