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IN-TA-CT® in Power Stations with Once-Through Cooling


In places where water is sufficiently available, once-through cooling is the most economic form of cooling. According to this principle, surface water is extracted from the sea, river, lake or canal, pumped to the turbine condensers (main cooling water circuit) and to the coolers of the auxiliary circuit, and subsequently transported back to its origin.

This type of cooling is characterized by the fact that the used surface water contains dissolved and undissolved impurities which, depending on the location of the pre-screening system and also on the relevant season, can strongly fluctuate in their quantity and composition. Unless effectively treated, such impurities can impair the availability and efficiency of the cooling system. With IN-TA-CT® TAPROGGE has created a comprehensive solution for continuous availability and highest efficiency. IN-TA-CT® has a modular structure and, in the case of once-through cooling, is fully effective due to the following functions:

  • Lean systems for water extraction which may be executed as single-stage or multi-stage system (the latter is represented here). They serve as pump protection. Whereas earlier, travelling band or drum screens were required for prescreening, the today's high-performance filters developed by TAPROGGE and installed downstream eliminate such major equipment requiring high capital cost and a high extent of maintenance. The result is that both the cost of the civil construction and the cost of mechanical components is greatly reduced.
  • High performance filters of the PR-BW series developed by TAPROGGE are arranged immediately upstream of the object to be protected in order to provide optimal protection of main and auxiliary condensers. Obstructions of tube sheets and leakages caused by tube erosion are effectively counteracted. Technically harmonized with the systems for water extraction, they enhance the availability of the cooling system.
  • TAPROGGE Systems for continuous tube cleaning automatically and continuously avoid the formation of deposits and scaling (micro fouling) within the cooling tubes that could impair the heat transfer. In such a way, they are specially aimed at increasing the thermal efficiency of the cooling system.

IN-TA-CT® is ideally complemented by IN-TA-S®, TAPROGGE's integrated service system.